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How to Recover a Lampshade

A step-by-step tutorial on how to recover a lampshade with fabric to give an old lamp a whole new look....(more)

Home Improvement Stores to Buy Track Lighting

Track lighting is a sleek alternative to traditional overhead and lamp-based lighting. Track lighting is designed to be artistic and functional, giving decorators latitude in its implementation. It adds a design-inspired aesthetic to any room and is available in either fixed or adjustable configurations. Track lighting is widely available at many nationwide home improvement retailers, and below is a list of the most popular places to buy track lighting....(more)

How to Build Your Own Lamp for the Bedroom

Building your own lamp can be a fun and simple way to add a unique feature to a room. Creating a lamp for the bedroom allows you to personalize the lighting effect in a room that should feel comfortable, personal and relaxing....(more)

Key Tips for Choosing the Appropriate Height to Hang a Chandelier

Chandeliers add a classic element to any home. Chandeliers come in many styles and sizes. Choosing the right one for your home is a key element in the degree of happiness you feel with your chandelier. The bigger the chandelier, the higher it must hang to account for space. Use the following tips to help you determine the appropriate height to hang a chandelier....(more)


Where to get Christmas Patterned Dishes

Still haven't decided yet on how your dinner will look like this Christmas? Surprise your friends and family members by serving the Christmas dinner on a beautifully-crafted dinnerware. Additionally, if you haven't yet decided what to buy to your friends for Christmas, a china set encrypted with jolly symbols would definitely win their hearts. You can choose from a variety of manufacturers and models but, to narrow the possibilities, the following list describes some of the finest Christmas tableware that would best suit your high demanding tastes. From the traditional, highly popular Spode's Christmas Tree dinner to the limited, uncanny Twilight Snowman collection, you will find the most appealing Christmas tabletop products....(more)

Making Your Own Bedside Table Skirt With the Material You Choose

Bedside tables are very convenient. Many people set all kinds of things on their tables, including their medicines, their alarm clocks, their cell phones and their pocket change. Many wish that their bedside table looked prettier. An easy way to do this if you have a round table is to create a round bedside table skirt. Usually these skirts can be made for under $10 and take less than two hours to make. Follow these directions to make your own round bedside table skirt....(more)

Find the Perfect Table Skirt for Your Small Round Table

Table skirts are a way to dress a simple table up for any occasion. Many people have seen table skirts around a table at a reception, but there are also small, simple skirts for small round tables. Most table skirts attach to the table with Velcro so you can change colors as desired. When looking for the perfect table skirt for your small round table, you will want to consider the quality of the fabric, the intended use for the table, and the color schemes desired....(more)


Tips for Planning a Move

Moving to a new home is a big job. Whether you are moving across town or across the country it is best to make a plan and start getting organized early. If you are hiring a moving company or moving yourself these tips will help you stay organized during the process....(more)

How to Add Curb Appeal

How to add curb appeal inexpensively with many DIY projects....(more)

Home Staging Tips

The purpose of staging your home is to improve the home's appearance to sell it more quickly and for the highest possible price. Many people think that home staging is simply decorating. However, there is a big difference between decorating your home and staging your home. Decorating your home is done to suit your own taste and personality. Staging your home is done to enhance the positive qualities of your home to a potential buyer. Using the tips below to stage your home can help increase your chances of a quick sale at the best price....(more)

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